At Cheltenham IFA we have expertise in both the ‘accumulation’ and the ‘income’ stages of retirement planning. This is an ever changing world, with new legislation and choices becoming available on a regular basis, making it hard for the public to keep track of their options for retirement.

It’s common for clients come to us with one or more pension pots, accumulated over the years.
We review each of these schemes in detail and advise on whether the funds should be left alone or whether they could be moved somewhere more efficient. We look to improve your situation with regard to:

  • Performance We can analyse the performance of your pension, and see if there’s the potential for better growth elsewhere.
  • Cost Even good investment performance can be seriously hindered by high costs. Many older pensions are far more expensive than their modern equivalents. We compare schemes to find the best value for you.
  • Your Circumstances Are your pensions taking more risk with your money than you would be comfortable with? We make sure that your pension investment choices always reflect your own situation and attitudes – even down to automatic ‘locking in’ of value as you approach retirement.
  • Benefits Do your current pensions offer benefits that you wouldn’t want to lose? You might not even realise they do…but we can identify these, and if necessary, work to improve things within the existing scheme– we promise not to move a pension to a different scheme or provider without good reason.

Into Retirement - and beyond
Especially key is the ‘at retirement’ advice. More than ever, there is a vast range of options from annuities, to drawdown, to lump sum withdrawal.
Independent advice at this point is essential to ensure you maximise your income during your retirement, but also, if appropriate, safeguard benefits for your spouse or family.

Whatever the decision, you’ll find good advice pays for itself


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